Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to a better world

We believe that Customer Service is the Key to success.

Honesty and Integrity are our main values and we aim to work with our customers to achieve ‘their’ goals. The needs of the customer must come first however; Safety, Respect, Ethical and Moral standards should not be compromised. We strive to ensure that we operate in this manner towards all our customers, Colleagues and the environment.

All our Electricians/Team believe and demonstrates these values and we strive to continually improve our quality and Standards.


  • Committed to reducing Carbon Emissions ensuring EV charging points can be fitted with in projects where ever possible
  • PV installations carried out across a number of sites across all sectors
  • Breeam – expertise and knowledge can be provided and a number of projects have been completed to Breeam excellence


  • Committed to recycling
  • Local Rugby Team Sponsored
  • Annual Charity Golf Day sponsored
  • Team involved in numerous charity activities.
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