Working to recognised industry standards

Ashworth Electrical is committed to reaching the highest levels of excellence in electrical engineering, contracting and health & safety. As part of this, we follow industry standards as appropriate to each project.


BREEAM assesses, encourages and rewards environmental, social and economic sustainability throughout the built environment. By assessing a project against a broad range of requirements, BREEAM compliance encourages continuous performance, improvement and innovation.

Here at Ashworth Electrical Services Ltd we have these values at our core, enabling us to consistently exceed client expectations and reliably deliver buildings that meet the requirements of ‘excellent’ across a broad range of sectors.

When undertaking a project that requires BREEAM compliance our technical staff will:

  • Ensure best environmental practice is incorporated in the planning, design, construction and operation of buildings and the wider built environment.
  • Challenge our supply chain to provide innovative, cost effective solutions that minimise the environmental impact of the construction and operation of the building.
  • Demonstrate that environmental awareness is a priority and strive for a low environmental impact throughout all stages of the construction process.


It is our aim to build confidence and offer value to individuals, businesses, society and the environment from concept, design, delivery, management and commissioning, through to operations and facilities management, maintenance and end of life cycle decommissioning and recycling.


Ensuring that all relevant project information is available at the right time and in the right format

With subscription to the latest Autodesk Revit Package our in house design team can collaborate with Architects and other Building Service Engineers to provide a high level of detail and 3D visualisations.  This design option can ensure complete integration with the structure and demonstrate full co-ordination with other building services.

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